Special "Slotted" Series Recoil Pad

Kick-EEZSKU: 801-6-XL-B

Thickness (2 1/4" X 6"): 3/4" (801-6-XL-B)


This pad is 2 & 1/4" wide by  6" long

This recoil pad pad was designed with an elliptical hole especially for those difficult to fit stocks such as Benelli (including synthetic), the Browning Gold, the Beretta 390 and many other problem fittings.  The hole spacing on the Special Slotted Series Pad (801-6-XL-B and 801-6-XL-B) can accommodate from 2-15/16" to 3-3/4"


7/8" from the heel to the center of the hole 

1 3/8" From the toe to start of "Slot" 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Michael D.


Jeff A.
Great pad and versatile to enable perfect fit

Great pad. Easier to install than all other pads. Less to grind than traditional pads and u get a perfect fit

Stephen L.
Slotted pad

Awesome idea. Didn't have to drill a new hole in the stock and the pad grinds and sands very easily. The 3/4 inch thickness also kept me from having to cut the stock. Easiest install ever

Terry G.
Best pad on the market!

Kick Eez pads cost a little bit more than some other pad’s, but you get what you pay for, easier to shape, no torn pads if you need to take it off for a second sanding. More than adequate styles for customers needs, and without a doubt fantastic customer service from Shannon, she is very easy to work with and she’s is extremely knowledgeable of the products that they offer. Honestly I don’t carry anything else besides Kick Eez pads.

Kenneth V.

Slotted recoil pad was exactly what I needed.
Worked perfectly!
Kick-eez pads on all my guns.

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