Dual Action Recoil Pad

Kick-EEZSKU: DA-301-10-L-B

Style: All Purpose
Size (W x L x Thickness): 2" X 5 5/8" X 1 1/8"


The KICK-EEZ Dual-Action recoil absorbing pad combines TWO layers of Sorbothane. The first ultra-soft layer Sorbothane layer reacts to absorb recoil fast for increased accuracy. The second Sorbothane layer dissipates energy and completes maximum recoil absorption. Installation is easy, the same as it is for all KICK-EEZ Recoil Pads as there are no hollow spots or metal plates to worry about. According to independent testing, the Dual-Action Pad absorbed more energy than any other recoil pad on the market.


Part Number Style   Size (W x L x Thickness) 
DA-201-8-L-B Sporting Clay 2" X 5 5/8" X 15/16"
DA-201-10-L-B Sporting Clay 2" X 5 5/8" X 1 1/8"
DA-202-8 M-B Sporting Clay 1 7/8" X 5 1/4" X 15/16"
DA-202-10-M-B Sporting Clay 1 7/8" X 5 1/4" X 1 1/8"
DA-301-8-L-B All Purpose  2" X 5 5/8" X 15/16"
DA-301-10-L-B All Purpose  2" X 5 5/8" X 1 1/8"
DA-302-8-M-B All Purpose  1 7/8" X 5 1/4" X 15/16"
DA-302-10-M-B All Purpose  1 7/8" X 5 1/4" X 1 1/8"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Frank E.

Our customers love this pad far above all other brands. We probably install 50 dual action kick eez pads for every one of another type. Kick-EEz as a company is one of the easiest ones to do business with. Service is always prompt, accurate, and courteous.

Tom S.
The Best

I’ve fitted and installed many pads, but the only pad I stock and recommend is Kick Eez

Tom S.
Great product

Five stars

Willie L.

Dual Action Recoil Pad

Nicolas E.
Kick-Eez rules them all

As a seasoned gunsmith I think I have grinded about all existing recoil pads brands available on earth. And Kick Eez is by far the best, for the customer, AND for the gunsmith. I can do many things impossible with other brands: working fast, with precision, and making my customers happy.

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