Modified Trap Recoil Pad

Kick-EEZSKU: 403-6-L-B

Thickness ( 2" X 5 & 5/8" x Thickness): 3/4" (403-6-L-B)


Hole Spacing = 3 & 1/8"

This recoil pad is slightly concave with a blast finish on the face. It gives you 100% contact with your shoulder, eliminating pressure points. The design allows you to shoulder the gun in the same position every time, especially those shooters who like to shoot from the high shoulder position.

All Modified trap recoil pads are 2" wide by 5 & 5/8" long. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Terry G.
Unique Pad

I’m a professional gunsmith, I install various brands of recoil pads, I personally prefer the Kick Eez because my results are excellent. The modified trap pad is another variation I can offer to my customers and know that I’m selling them a quality product.
G Gunsmithing LLC
Lake Placid Florida

Richard R.
Kick-eez mod. Trap Pad

The pad changes the pitch of the gun; so, the stock must be adjusted accordingly.

Joe W.
Works GREAT !!!

I install Kick-EZZ recoil pads on numerous youth shooting groups in New Mexico and also Military personnel from the Special OPS Base in Clovis,NM.Using your product I know I will have satisfied customers. EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Joe WHITEHURST -Blackjack Supply

David C.

Modified Trap Recoil Pad

Barry M.
Beretta Silver Pigeon II

Fitted up nicely, only pads I use. Thank you for quality product.

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