Pre-fit KZ 111 Recoil Pad


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The KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pad in the KZ-111 model is the ideal addition to your firearm for a comfortable and effective shooting experience. With its unique design, this pad fits seamlessly to many shotguns and rifles, providing superior recoil absorption and reducing felt recoil. The KZ-111 Pre-Fit Pad features a thickness of 1-1/8", and its hole spacing is 3 11/16".
To ensure a perfect fit to your firearm, we have created 19 templates that match your gun stock butt to the correct KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pad. Our templates help you match the appropriate pad to your stock, providing detailed and accurate measurements. You can place the gun butt or current pad over each template until a match is found, making it easy to identify the correct pad for your needs.
Installing the KZ-111 Pre-Fit Pad is simple, and we recommend using a disc or belt sander for the best results. Once installed, scribe a pencil line around the stock, remove the pad, and start sanding with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper. We advise taking your time and making several passes to avoid heat buildup. Finish sanding with 220 or 400 grit sandpaper and radius the edges of the pad with 220 grit or a scotch brite pad for a perfect fit.
Each KICK-EEZ® Pre-Fit Pad comes with a model number located on our templates for easy ordering, facilitating a simple and hassle-free purchasing process. Invest in the KZ-111 Pre-Fit Pad today and elevate your shooting ability to the next level.

>Most Pre-Fit Pads are 1-1/8" thick

>The hole spacing is 3 11/16"

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