Pre-fit KZ 112 Recoil Pad


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The Pre-Fit KZ-112 Recoil Pad is the perfect solution for those searching for a durable, high-quality recoil pad that offers a comfortable shooting experience. Thanks to its 1-1/8" thickness, this pad offers unparalleled protection against the recoil that can result in discomfort and even injury during long shooting sessions.
Designed to fit most shotguns and rifles, the KZ-112 pad is specially crafted to ensure a perfect fit. Our unique templates help match the appropriate pad to your stock, making the selection process easy and stress-free. The hole spacing for the KZ-112 is 3 1/8", ensuring a secure and snug fit when installed onto your stock.
To install the KZ-112 pad onto your firearm, simply use a disc or belt sander to grind the pad to fit your stock. Use a pencil to trace around your stock before removing the pad, and start sanding with 80 or 100 grit paper. Finish the process with 220 or 400 grit paper and radius the edges of the pad with 220 grit or a scotch brite pad.
At KICK-EEZ®, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, top-of-the-line recoil pads that are trusted by hunters and shooters alike. The Pre-Fit KZ-112 Recoil Pad combines durability with comfort, making it an unparalleled addition to your hunting or shooting gear. Order now to experience the difference for yourself!

> Most Pre-Fit Pads are 1-1/8" thick

>The hole spacing for the KZ-112 is 3 1/8"


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